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2023 Season Opening and Availability

Happy (almost) spring! We hope that winter has treated you kindly and that you are looking forward to the greening of spring as much as we are! One of our favorite parts about this time of year is seeing the familiar faces of friends who have visited in the past and the new faces that will be visiting us for the first time!

We will be open for pickup of online purchases and in-person shopping appointments beginning on April 1, 2023.

A list of current and anticipated plant availability for the start of the season can be found here. Plants that are in BOLD print should be available at the start of the season. Plants that are not in bold print are expected to be available at a later date this season. For now, most of these plants have an availability date of TBD listed, but this will become more specific as the season progresses and we’re better able to estimate availability. Some plants, mainly trees and shrubs, may have an availability date of April, but they are not in bold print. We are expecting these plants to be available during the month of April but they may not be ready by our opening on the first of the month.

Learn more about each plant by clicking the names of any species that you’re interested in to open their profile in our webstore. If that plant is something that is not yet in stock, just sign up for the email in stock notification so that you’ll be notified as soon as we have it ready!

The availability list will be updated as regularly as possible, mainly so that projected future availability of certain species is accessible for your planning needs, but the webstore will always have the most up-to-date inventory of what is in stock.  To help you out, we added filters to the webstore that allow you to narrow down your plant choices by type of plant, light exposure and soil moisture requirements, as well as bloom time and bloom color. Please feel free to let us know if there are any other filters that would be helpful in the webstore, and we will do our best to improve your experience.

For appointments, either to shop in person or to pick up an order you already placed, please use our online appointment scheduler. If you are picking up a previously placed order, but would like to shop or look around during your visit, please select the “in-person shopping” option when you schedule your appointment, so we can ensure you have enough time to look around freely.

Ephemerals are working their way out of the soil, the sun has a new angle, bird songs are changing, and the air just smells different. It’s a joy to watch spring arrive – and we can’t wait to share it with you at Summersweet.

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  1. I am looking for several native plants for my rather large garden in Cape May. I am a longtime gardener but I am now only interested in native plants for my garden after reading Douglas Tallamy’s two books. I would like to visit and purchase plants. When is the best time to schedule a visit as I am retired and come anytime? You were recommended by Dave Parker, Arborist. I can’t wait to see your plants.I also have a lot of birds that come to my garden. I am particularly interested in attracting bees, butterflies and moths and and other insects that are disappearing from Earth. I am thrilled your business exists! Kindlyy please let me know. Virginia C. Hesel

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